mRNA Technology Transfer Programme

mRNA technology transfer programme

The mRNA technology transfer programme is a global initiative that aims to improve health and health security by establishing sustainable, locally owned mRNA manufacturing capabilities in and for low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).The programme is based around a technology transfer “hub”  Afrigen, which is located in South Africa. They will provide the technology development, training and technology transfer, and currently 15 programme partners in LMICs across the world are receiving training and technology from the hub and will then produce and sell products commercially. Its core concept is empowerment.

Initially the programme is focusing on mRNA vaccines against COVID-19. However, the programme is designed to encourage the development of other mRNA vaccines and therapeutics against important diseases that threaten LMICs, thereby ensuring the capacity built by the project is sustained and available to combat the next pandemic.


mRNA Technology Transfer


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