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MPP is committed to achieving the highest standards of ethics, accountability and transparency.

As the Medicines Patent Pool’s role is to improve access to high-quality, affordable, essential medicines in low- and middle-income countries, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics, accountability and transparency.

MPP’s Governance Board, with inputs from the Expert Advisory Group and the Scientific Advisory Panel, and the Community Advisory Panel defines MPP’s policies, reviews and approves MPP’s licensing agreements.

All MPP staff, members of its Governance Board, Expert Advisory Group, Scientific Advisory Panel and Community Advisory Panel must comply with these policies:

MPP is committed to ensuring full compliance with obligations under its licence agreements with licensors. A core part of these obligations centres around monitoring the activities of its sublicensees and taking prompt action to identify and remedy any breaches. These guidelines are intended to provide guidance on the principles and procedures that apply in the event of a suspected contractual breach by an MPP licensee.

Access the MPP guidelines for handling breaches of sublicence agreements

There is no tolerance for acts of wrongdoing within the organisation or in any project in which MPP is involved. Anyone can access MPP’s ethics portal anonymously if they want to report any concern they may have.

Access MPP’s ethics portal

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