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The Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) is a United Nations-backed public health organisation working to increase access to, and facilitate the development of, life-saving medicines for low- and middle-income countries. Through its innovative business model, MPP partners with civil society, governments, international organisations, industry, patient groups, and other stakeholders, to prioritise and license needed medicines and pool intellectual property to encourage generic manufacture and the development of new formulations.

To date, MPP has signed agreements with 15 patent holders for 13 HIV antiretrovirals, one HIV technology platform, three hepatitis C direct-acting antivirals, a tuberculosis treatment, two long-acting technologies, two experimental oral antiviral treatments for COVID-19 and a COVID-19 serological antibody diagnostic test.

MPP was founded by Unitaid, which continues to be MPP’s main funder. MPP’s work on access to essential medicines is also funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). MPP’s activities in COVID-19 are undertaken with the financial support of the Japanese Government, the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, and SDC.




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patent holders with MPP signed agreements


generic manufactures and product developers have sublicenses from MPP

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doses of treatment supplied (Jan 2012 - Dec 2020)
US$0 Mn
dollars saved through MPP'S licences (Jan 2012 - Dec 2020)
By 2030
US$0 Bn
projected dollars saved
countries have benefited from access to MPP-licensed products
0 Mn
patient-years of treatment through MPPs generic partners (Jan 2012 - Dec 2020)
deaths averted (Jan 2012 - Dec 2020)
By 2030
deaths averted

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Patent and licensing status: last updated on 11 May 2021. Disclaimer | Product availability data from MPP sublicensees: last updated in March 2022 (data as of 31 December 2021) | Note: Sales may occur in countries in the absence of registration via procurement channels, registration waivers and/or exemptions

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