Database of investment to support local covid-19 vaccine production in Africa, Asia and Latin America

The database of investments to support local COVID-19 vaccine production compiles detailed information about each COVID-19 vaccine candidate in development in countries where the mRNA technology transfer hub Programme has selected technology recipients.

In April 2021 the WHO announced the mRNA technology transfer Hub Programme to support the local production of vaccine doses. This announcement is part of a global effort to support local manufacturers. To help Programme our funders having to have a broader understanding of the current investment in COVID-19 vaccine local production, MPP has been asked to map out parallel initiatives(definition below). The database aims at improving equitable access and prepare countries for the next pandemic by providing an overview of the pandemic readiness plan of manufacturers in LMICs. Doing so will facilitate global coherence to prevent duplication of work and identify possible gaps. Moreover, the WHO encouraged collaboration with parallel initiatives to avoid duplications but also to provide support to some of them with access to training and support with regulatory aspects.

PARALLEL INITIATIVE (as used in this context):  any project developed independently from the mRNA technology transfer Hub Programme and led by private or public partners that support pandemic preparedness with a specific focus on the local production of COVID-19 vaccines. MPP’s database lists exclusively investments made on continents where recipients of the technology (spokes) are located.

All data information is gathered via public sources including press releases, CHAI and UNICEF, data are cross-checked with multiple sources. The source of information is listed on the database, however, MPP does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of public information shared by vaccine providers or found online. MPP disclaim any liability or responsibility regarding data toward any vaccines’ quality, safety, efficacy, or merchantability.

The database is updated monthly if new information is available. We welcome your feedback to help us update or make necessary changes.  For questions relating to the database please contact us.

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